Effective Leadership Programme

A collaborative learning environment for leaders to build their influence and have a positive impact on business performance.

For Hawke's Bay Senior Leaders.

The Icehouse Effective Leadership Programme provides a collaborative learning environment for leaders within small and medium sized businesses to build their influence and have a positive impact on the performance of the business.

Why do it?

Our experts will help your valued leaders focus on the big picture, build their strategic outlook and set personal goals to help drive their team forward.

Programme participants will acquire and build on a new set of skills that will enable a great impact on the business. Skills are implemented with focus groups and one on one coaching to maintain accountability.

What do I get?

  • An actionable plan that will focus on business strategy
  • Accountability and support from working with other leaders, either from within the same business (if one or more attending) or from other local businesses
  • New skills, frameworks and tools to become a more effective leader
  • A broader outlook and a clear sense of direction and goals
  • A unique learning environment that enables implementation of skills in the business

Ready to take the next step?

It’s given me more confidence with our clients.
There is so much to learn and nothing to lose.

Mickey Heibner
Field’s Way Engineering