Market Validation

Vaildate, screen, prioritise, and qualify new products, services or markets before investing significant time and money.

For Kiwi Businesses.

Market Validation guides customers through an accelerated, objective and comprehensive process that will help eliminate assumptions and de-risk their growth opportunities. Ultimately it seeks to prove that a market opportunity exists and provide detailed information about your customers’ needs and product requirements which will allow you to assess the viability of the opportunity.

The Icehouse Market Validation Programme helps you reduce the risks associated with new opportunities.

The market validation process helps you screen, prioritise, qualify and validate new opportunities to enable you to allocate resources most effectively. Market Validation can significantly Increase your speed to market by accelerating learning and ensuring the right product is shipped, first time.

The Market Validation Programme helps you develop your value proposition and fill your pipeline of potential customers using a data collection and analysis process.  This enables data driven decision-making, significantly reducing uncertainty and assumptions.


The Icehouse Market Validation Programme consists of three stages:

  1. Discovery:  A quick and intensive period to better understand the business, opportunity, context and scope of work required.
  2. Ready:  Collection and evaluation of secondary market information to develop in-depth market understanding, quantify the market and understand the competitive landscape.
  3. Aim:  Structured customer interviews and analysis of data to develop a proprietary understanding of the opportunity including the market problem and target audience, value proposition and key product features desired by the customer.

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The Icehouse process helped to refine our strategy, establish market size and determine the lowest hanging fruit

Hadleigh Ford Founder of SwipedOn
of participants rate the programme 6 or 7 out of 7
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