Owner Manager Exchange

Refresh your thinking about yourself and the business and re-immerse yourself in The Icehouse.

For alumni of the Owner Manager Programme.

What's it all about?
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The Owner Manager Exchange (OMX) is designed for graduates of The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme (OMP) and Agribusiness Programme who want to reflect on their growth journey and refresh their thinking. You’ll have the opportunity to spend quality time with like-minded alumni and experienced business leaders across three days. Participate in panel sessions following presentations of best practice NZ case studies, reflect on the state of your business and plan for your future with input from industry experts. The format allows for plenty of room to apply these learnings to your business.

Each year the content and format of the Owner Manager Exchange Programme is reviewed and refreshed to ensure it is reflective of market changes, so those who have completed OMX before can continue to participate annually.


What's covered?
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On this three-day residential programme, you will:

  • Discuss the state of your business, revisiting where you were at the end of your Owner Manager/Agribusiness Programme, where you are now, and what the future holds
  • Learn from case studies and guest speakers about business stories that will inform and inspire
  • Work with business advisors to create an action plan for the future Participate in a session around well-being and resilience
  • Share reflections, thoughts and advice with business owners and mentors, similar to those on your Owner Manager Programme or Agribusiness Programme

Ready to continue your Owner Manager journey?

The Journey
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Most owner-managers travel on a similar journey as their business matures. An initial steep start-up and scaling phase is followed by a transitional period where business growth slows, presenting an opportunity to diversify, reset and develop.

These phases are important to acknowledge, because if you are aware of where you and your business are in terms of growth, you can proactively make the changes necessary to manage the transitions.

The Growth Path

Tim Cunningham

"Listening to the challenges others face, makes you realise your problems often aren't unique and not as scary as they seem. Dive in and do it, you'll never look back."

Tim Cunningham The Beauty Collective