Business of International Quality


We know that business owners can find it hard to take a big picture perspective and identify areas of their business that could be targeted to improve performance. This is why we have created the Business of International Quality (BIQ™) Barometer in collaboration with staff from the University of Auckland Business School. It is based on academic research and backed up by conversations with industry experts and those in the thick of it; NZ business owners and managers.

The BIQ™ Barometer is an easy to use online tool designed to help you identify your business strengths and opportunities for improvement in under an hour.

The outcome is real and practical advice that you can use as a guide to accelerate your business growth, whilst avoiding the costs of making the mistakes of those who have gone before.


The BIQ™ Barometer will help make your business more successful by honing in on six areas that we know contribute to success: Leadership, Offering, Market, Processes, Governance, and Capital.

By answering simple questions across each of the six areas you’ll have instant access to a tailored report, plus a PDF copy you can download for future reference.

Whether your idea of success is taking on an international market, or defending your local position, you can grow your business with good advice and practical solutions.


The BIQ™ Barometer was developed for ambitious entrepreneurs and owner managers who want to get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their business and identify opportunities for growth. From startups through to the largest owner managed businesses, the BIQ™ Barometer gives you the information you need to take your business to the next level.


  • A comprehensive and individual online report, plus a PDF to keep, with an easy to understand traffic light system showing how you’re doing across each of the six different areas
  • Feedback about where your business sits and practical advice on how to improve things
  • Suggested resources, programmes and services
  • Opportunity to talk about your results with us, or any of our BIQ™ partners


The BIQ™ Barometer is free for alumni and current participants of Icehouse programmes that are more than a day in length. Use of the online tool is free for XERO customers, James and Wells clients, and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand members.

To purchase the BIQ™ Barometer for $249, please contact us.


View The Icehouse Terms & Conditions here, and the BIQ™ Privacy Statement here.

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