We fund daring founders taking on global opportunities.

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We are changing the way capital is invested in New Zealand.

We encourage, provoke and foster entrepreneurs that are big thinkers with global ambitions.

We believe that the best way to grow the New Zealand economy is by investing in game changing technology and industry.

Be a part of the change.

Venture capital is a credible way to diversify your investment portfolio and be a part of the new wave of New Zealand business that is creating the future.

How can I get involved?

Become an Active Investor


The Ice Angels enables investors to collaborate. Together, they evaluate, invest in, and add value to high potential New Zealand startups. The Ice Angels’ 200 members are from varied backgrounds, and have the key membership advantage of diverse networks and extensive experience.

Members collaborate on sourcing and leading investments, then individuals make their own investment decisions. Some members invest passively (typically $10-20k) while others get actively involved as advisors or directors and invest $100k or more.

The Ice Angels is always on the lookout for inspired, experienced kiwis to enable New Zealand startups.

Invest passively into a portfolio of startups



Not everyone has the luxury of time to actively evaluate and invest in startups. The Icehouse has a variety of funds that enable investors to passively invest. Since 2003 more than 300 investors have been involved through our nine funds. Invest as little as $20k and spread investment across 8 - 100 New Zealand startups.

Our funds are designed to provide a personalised user experience. Investors are provided with regular reporting, invited to quarterly gatherings to meet our portfolio startups, and given the opportunity to invest further at their own discretion. 

Invest in New Zealand’s youth


We believe in the potential of New Zealand’s youth to build businesses that transform our future. Some of our top performing startups were established by young kiwis.

In 2015 we established a fund that invests specifically in founders under 30. Our objective is to support these young people with a lot more than money. To do so, we need high impact business leaders to get involved. Already more than 20 investors have join us through this fund, and we’re now positioned to invest in more young founders.


Contact us for information on investment options.