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We fund daring founders taking on global opportunities.

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How do we support the startups we back?

The Icehouse invests in and adds value to high potential New Zealand startups with global ambition. Focussing on companies in the seed and angel stage, we provide them with access to the support, knowledge, connections and funds to compete and win.

First, we invest.

We invest in startups in order that they are set up for the next stage of their journey to global success. We do this through the varied funds we manage (TuhuaFirst Cut), our Flux Accelerator Programme, and Ice Angels, New Zealand's most active angel investor network.

Then, we add value.

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As one of the most active investors in New Zealand, you will gain access to the shared experience of our 110+ alumni through events and talks focussing on a range of challenges faced by startups.

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The Icehouse is underpinned by a massively valuable network which provides access to peers, world-class advisors, customers, partners, and mentors. We proactively invest in and grow this network as it is one of our most defining differentiators.

Hands-on Support
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Board observer roles. Directorship roles. Help hiring team. Operational strategy. Accounting and legal structure. Product market fit. Pricing. Pitching. PR. 

Your success is our success.

Do you know what's required to start raising capital?


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