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Of Owners rate themselves as the biggest obstacle to success
Lack confidence in growing their business
Find business ownership isolating

Pictured: Janice Tan, AB Food Industries


Business owners and leaders are consistently adapting to the ever changing needs of the market and their business at the various stages of maturity. Just like a business, individuals also need time at different growth stages to reflect, reset and develop in order to push the business forward to the next phase of success.  Our programmes are designed to focus on the needs of each individual at these inflection points, by providing market relevant best practice content delivered by industry experts and business leaders that inspire. 

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The below group-focussed workshops are designed to develop specific skills sets and capabilities needed by business owners and leaders alike.  Our workshops are interactive, thought provoking and deliver actionable learnings that enable participants to make an immediate impact to the business.  Knowledge is power so whether it's learning how to read a balance sheet, coaching a sales team to close more deals or developing a plan for the next growth phase, or even to successfully exit, these workshops deliver the knowledge to make better business decisions and avoid costly mistakes.