Brand Blueprint

More and more customers are using their purchasing power to support companies with a clear set of brand values that align with their own, and avoiding those who don’t.

For Kiwi Businesses.

Carollyn ChaplinEvery business needs to connect to the minds of its key stakeholders:

Customers, employees, partners, suppliers, agencies and competitors.

This Brand Strategy Process takes the mandate and direction from business owners to develop an aligned and distinctive brand position to guide the business toward its vision and achieving its goals.

Why do it?

This Process is about establishing a blue print for all aspects of the business. The position will be directly connected to the business needs, market and customer insights and the competitive environment.

How does it work?

The Icehouse Coach Carollyn Chaplin facilitates a structured and collaborative environment to create a unified brand position with ‘buy-in’ from across the business. The process will take in to consideration: brand history, the business journey, the team, the market place, customers, competitors, influencers and key stakeholders.


Step 1
Orange Line

A discovery session with a cross section of the business.

Step 2
Orange Line

A workshop run with relevant team members to define:

• The business vision and goals
• A reflection on opportunities and challenges
• A view of the future
• The competitive landscape
• The target customer segments – insight and pain points
• The customer value proposition
• Overall brand positioning

Step 3
Orange Line

Analysis and summary of workshop outputs presented back to the key stakeholders and business leaders. The resulting framework will drive future direction, the visual identity, internal culture and delivery of marketing activities and communications.

Ready to start your brand blueprint?