Owner Manager Programme

Develop your skills, address issues in the business, hone your strategic plan and drive forward to greater success.

For Business Owners.
Growth Rate of Owner Manager Programme alumni vs average NZ business
Successful business owners on the programme since 2001

Pictured: Pic Picot, Pic's Peanut Butter

What is the Owner Manager Programme?

The programme in a nut-shell? Real skills. Development. New opportunities. A challenge. Refreshed perspective. Significant changes. Better results.

On this residential programme you’ll attend sessions over the course of five months to help you explore new ideas, have your assumptions challenged, and develop new skills to give you the confidence to drive progress and achieve better results for you and your business.

We’ve combined the best in academic teaching and practical learning to develop a unique experience which has a big impact.

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What do I get?

  • A better awareness of what drives business growth, and how to analyse and fine-tune a business to solve problems
  • New skills, techniques and frameworks to apply to a business
  • A new business growth plan, critiqued by leading business experts
  • A strong network of other successful owner managers, facilitators and business experts
  • Clarity on the future and a better understanding of yourself as the leader of the business and the enabler of growth
  • Improved work/life balance and a new approach to mental and physical health
  • Confidence, motivation and enhanced leadership

Who is it for?

This Programme is ideal for business owners who meet these criteria or with the goal of achieving these in the forseeable future:

  • A high calibre owner-manager with energy and passion for success
  • A significant equity stake and control in the business
  • Middle-management structure
  • Revenue over $3 Million
  • Over 15 full time employees

Ready to get Started?

The Details
Orange Line

This residential programme is held over five months, in 5 blocks of three off-site days (Thu-Sat). 90 days following completion you will attend a full-day implementation workshop combined with a one-on-one post-programme assessment and planning session.

The Icehouse programmes are registered for Capability Development Funding available through the Regional Business Partner Network (capped at $5,000 per annum). We can connect you to your local Regional Business Partner for more information.


Hear from our Alumni
Orange Line

Dave Allan from Jimbo's Petfood shares his story of family business beginnings to a market leader in one of grocery's largest segments and how the Owner Manager Programme helped along the way.


Hear from Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist -  Data Insights and My Valocity founder Carmen Vicelich as she talks family, fast growth and the Owner Manager Programme.

Pic Picot | The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme

“My Owner Manager Programme group was amazing, and part of it was the huge commitment that we each made to each other to be there at every block. It was really humbling and encouraging. You really felt part of something. The things I’ve learned on the Programme are still definitely relevant. You don’t just leave that stuff behind and I find that it’s become a huge part of what we are.”

– Pic Picot, Pic’s Peanut Butter

Janene Draper | The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme

The weekly turnover at Farro Fresh has doubled since I’ve done the Owner Manager Programme. The Programme allowed me to identify the aspects of the business which were good and the aspects of the business which were not so good – this meant I could step back and see what needed to be done to complete our business as a whole.”

– Janene Draper, Farro Fresh

Tim Alpe | The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme

"The Programme gave us the insight to know that we can actually grow a really serious business. It's real and relevant to your own business. If you invest in yourself and develop yourself, I think there's huge opportunities to actually grow a really big business."

- Tim Alpe, JUCY

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Tim Nowell-Usticke | The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme

The Owner Manager Programme was for me a demonstration of ‘nothing is impossible’

Tim Nowell-Usticke Managing Director, WineWorks Limited

Programme Alumni Include: