Business Coaches

*NPS 66
*Net Promoter Score - Credible metric for measuring client satisfaction

One-on-one coaching will keep you on track to develop and implement your business plan and achieve your strategic goals. We’ll team you up with a business coach whose background, personality and skills will complement you and your business. 

You’ll get accountability and expert guidance to keep you on track, someone who will learn your business from the inside out, new perspectives, energy and support to help you regain a better focus on where the business is headed and help you make key decisions, a strategic plan, clear milestones and a difference in the way you operate, and ongoing support from The Icehouse.

Belinda Henley
Digital Storytelling
Key Message Development
Media & Presentation Training
Bill Bain
Building High Performing Teams
Culture/Purposeful Performance
Change Management
Business Development
Carollyn Chaplin
New Business Development
Personal Development
Brand Strategy & Development
Strategic Planning
Catherine van der Meulen
David Stokes
Product Development
Process Improvement
Innovation Best-Practices
Supporting IT Tools
Derek Young
Operational Planning
Sales and Leadership Capability
Process & Systems Optimisation
Vision and Strategy Deployment
Elizabeth Brown
Creating Lasting Connections
Differentiation & Positioning
Strategic Storytelling
Your Brand Story DNA
Evan Cummins
Hamish Nutall
Agile Methodology
Digital Transformation
Lean Startup
Igor Stychinsky
Achieving Superior Growth
Funding Growth
Pursuing Multi-Faceted Goals
Jann Meehan
People Management
Personal Effectiveness
Financial Analysis & Reporting
Strategic Planning
Jo Clayton
Organisational Development
Governance & Board Interaction
Senior Team Effectiveness
Strategic Planning
Jo Eddington
New Business Development
Market Validation
Business Planning
Value Proposition
Jody Hamilton
Maori Enterprise
Business Planning
Service Delivery Modelling
John Olsen
Josie Adlam
Market/Business Development
Sales/Channel Management
Customer Experience
Business Strategy
Ken Leeming
Change/Structure Management
Business Governance Protocols
Sales/Marketing Strategy
Strategic Planning
Kevin D’Ambros-Smith
Pinpointing Core Target Markets
Creating loyal customers
Ecommerce / Online Retail
What Makes Businesses Unique
Liam Taylor
Operational Excellence
Change Management
Lean/Continuous Improvement
Strategy Deployment
Melissa Jenner
Business Growth Strategies
Customer Experience
Human Centered Design
Product & Service Design
Michaela Vodanovich
Culture Development
Change Management
Diversification of products
Mitch Cuevas
Commercialising Innovation
Financial Performance
Mergers & Acquisitions
New Sales Channels
Nathalie Gray
Organisational Values Creation
People Strategies & Frameworks
Leading & Navigating Change
Leadership Brand Building
Nick Egerton
Operational/Project Mgmt
Innovation & New Ventures
Sales/Marketing/Market Val.
Strategy Development
Phil Coutts
Sales Process & Performance
Strategic Planning
Systems Development
Operational Excellence
Regina Paula
Content Marketing
Copy & Content Writing
Digital Business Automation
Digital Marketing/Social Media
Richard Poole
Building Customer Communities
Increasing Business Asset Value
Marketing & Tech Strategy
Succession & Exit Planning
Roger Shakes
Operational Excellence
People & Performance
Sales and Marketing
Strategic Planning
Sabrina Douglas-Jones
Operational Excellence
Sales and Marketing
Business Development
International Business Strategy
Stephen Nelson
Culture Development
Financial Planning
Strategy Deployment
Steve Gow
Organisational Review/Change
Market Research & Validation
Business/Marketing Strategy
Business Development